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The Potential Power of a HECM Line of Credit (L.O.C)
Most, but not all, reverse mortgages toay are federally insured through the Federal Housing Aministration's Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Program.  This advertisement talks about HECM loans only.

Some financial advisors may encourage you to have a line of credit for unexpected (or planned) purchases or shortfalls in cash flow.   However the HECM L.O.C. has a clear advantage over a traditional credit line...it actually grows in available funds (growth feature applies to unused funds in the line)!  Contact us for more information to see how this growth feature can work for you!

Some of the most common uses of a HECM Line of Credit:

1)  Bridge the Medicare gap from 62 - 65 for health insurance premiums.

2)  Pay for life insurance with long-term riders without impacting your overall cash needs.

3)  Use for tax purposes by using optional payments strategically.*(Taxes and homeowners insurance must always be paid, and the home maintained.)

4)  Potentially save on taxes by decreasing withdrawal rates on IRAs and other taxable accounts.*

5)  Purchase a vacation home without increasing your mortgage payments and decreasing your investment assets, although payment of taxes and insurance must always be paind, and the home maintained..

Or maybe...just take that vacation of a lifetime....

Everyone has a different situation.  Call or meet with one of our Reverse Mortgage Planners and we will listen as you explain YOUR situation.  Our goal is to see if we can help meet your needs and understand the Reverse Mortgage's ability to improve your quality of life with financial flexibility.

* This advertisement does not constitute tax and/or financial advice.  Please consult a tax and/or financial advisor regarding your specific situation.